(Bienvenu and Timm)


SEPTEMBER 1-12, 2003

Class and day

Major topics

Due or graded (points)

Before 1st class


Read book

#1 Mon 9-1

    Introduction and needs assessment

    Review Strategic Communication Model (SCM)

    SCM introduction exercise

    Review first pres. assignment


Comm. Challenge memo (10)

#2 Tues 9-2

    Business writing (Paul)

    Rehearse presentations with peers

    2-minute prop presentations


2-min. prop pres (10)

#3 Wed 9-3

    Visual Aids (Sherron)

    Introduction to cases: A and B


    Review Winning Teams


Self eval memo (20)

Team skills inventory from


#4 Thurs 9-4

    Case presentations: C and D


    Discussion of strategies, delivery, and slides


Team case pres (20)


#5 Fri 9-5

    Customer Loyalty (Paul)

    Project ideas

Project suggestions

#6 Mon 9-8

    Case presentations: E and F


    Discussion of strategies, delivery, and slides

Case pres (35)

PPT (5)


#7 Tues 9-9

    Giving and receiving feedback

    Writing review and peer feedback

Customer Loyalty memo


Peer feedback (5)

#8 Wed 9-10

    Individual recruiting presentation with Q&A and feedback

Presentation content,

organization, delivery (20)

PPT (5)

#9 Thurs 9-11

    Gender Differences (Sherron)

    Review of class take-aways

    Prep for final presentations

Second self-eval (10)

#10 Fri 9-12

    Team final presentations

Final presentations (50)

PPT (10)